Turn genuine insights into confident changes

Feefo Insights: A fully customisable analytics and reporting suite, with industry leading tools and features.

Understand your customers

Authentic reviews produce reliable consumer insight into your business. With Feefo, unlock the power of feedback with our latest analytics and reporting suite, containing clever tools to improve your service, promote your products and boost your brand.

  • Stay in the loop, with custom alerts to feedback you want to track, whether positive or negative

  • Respond instantly and personally to your customers, or with customised templates

  • Allow customers to respond to your message, keeping the conversation active.

  • Customers have the option to rerate, based on your interaction

  • Turn negative situations around and publicly demonstrate your fantastic customer service.

Real reviews. Real business intelligence.

Authentic reviews mean reliable insights, and with Feefo, you have access to powerful tools to harness that valuable data. Focus attention where it is needed most, with a continuous stream of genuine feedback from the people using your service and buying your products. Identify purchasing trends and behaviours, and themes within feedback. Create custom reports at every level of the business.

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