Tap into a better response rate

Listen to more of your customers, with bespoke feedback requests sent directly to their mobile device.

Feedback requests the way your customers want to read them

Feefo SMS provides a more engaging solution to collect valuable feedback from your customers. With text message feedback requests sent directly to their mobile device, unlock a better response rate:


  • Only 22% of all e-mails ever get read - compared to 98% of texts

  • SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than e-mail alone

  • 75% prefer SMS for completing deliveries, promotions and surveys - like a feedback request

  • 31% of customers respond, with an average time of within six minutes

  • 83% of millennials will open a text within 90 seconds.

How does it work?

Using Feefo SMS is easy. Once set up, you will be able to send a custom SMS feedback request to your customers, along with an e-mail, so your customers will have the best chance of seeing your request, and leaving their review.

You will benefit from an improved response rate, and more valuable feedback.

Check out our handy overview of Feefo SMS

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