What does ‘Feefo Trusted Merchant’ mean?

21 January 2014

In the coming weeks we will be sending out certification to merchants that have, over the last 12 month period (Calendar Year 2013), achieved great levels of customer service as judged by their genuine customers.

Feefo has introduced the ‘Trusted Merchant’ certificate for businesses that have achieved an average Service Rating of 85% and above, while those that achieve a Service Rating greater than 95%, are recognised with the ‘Gold Trusted Merchant’ certificate.

A special congratulations to the select few that have actually managed to maintain a 100% Service Rating over 2013, who receive the 100% Trusted Merchant certificate.


The Trusted Merchant certificates will be sent in hard copy (to display in offices / stores) to merchants located in the United Kingdom and by email to the rest of the world. Where convenient, we have actually arranged to hand-deliver certain certificates to congratulate the achievement in person.

A Trusted Merchant graphic will be available on the Feefo servers, which is downloadable and can be displayed on brand homepages. Feefo hopes that businesses will make full use of these assets and display them with the pride that they warrant!

Why is being a Trusted Merchant such an achievement?

trusted-merchant-twitter-288x400It is a great time to remind potential customers that these awards are collated from 100% verified ratings and reviews, and based on transparent data that they have access to at any time. The conditions for success are exactly the same for merchants across industries and regardless of the size of the organisation.

For those not already familiar with the Feefo process, the Service Rating is based on the percentage of consumers that rated the service provided by the business as either “Excellent” or “Good” along a four point scale.  To leave a Feefo rating and review, customers are verified via sales data and then ALL invited via email to provide an appraisal of their experience. This ensures that only customers that have genuinely completed a transaction with the business can provide feedback, and that it is a complete and true representation of consumer opinion.

If you wish to participate in any joint publicity regarding the awards, please get in touch via marketing@feefo.com

The Twitter buzz around the certification will be using the search term #TrustedMerchant.


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