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Feefo is making a positive difference to thousands of businesses. The results speak for themselves.

“In an era when impartial and authentic reviews are such a key part of the customer’s decision-making process, Feefo has been a great partner for us. The Seller Ratings boosted our PPC enquiries by 95% year-on-year in the first three months of our Feefo membership. Feefo feedback responses allow us to quickly react to our clients’ comments and most of all they show off our excellent customer service and product ratings! We were delighted to receive a Gold Trusted Merchant accreditation in 2016 and look forward to continuing our partnership with Feefo in the future.”

Justin Ashby – Director


“I am delighted with the Feefo feedback as it mirrors what I hear on the floor. It also has meant that when we do get negative feedback we can trace the customer from their booking with its requests, to what table they sat on, who served them, what they purchased before we respond to them and speak with relevant people on the floor or in the kitchen who the feedback highlights.”

Triona Hennessy – Restaurant Owner

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“Using Feefo reviews has paid dividends; not only have we seen an increase in our PPC click through rate, but visitors get to see genuine feedback from previous customers allowing them to make an informed decision on their holiday.”

James Morris – Managing Director

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“Partnering with Feefo has had a direct impact on customer confidence, and helped us to manage and improve the quality of our service by responding to, and acting on, the feedback we receive. Our Feefo ratings have also helped improve click-through from paid search, and improved our on-site conversion rate too.”

Jason Edwards – Managing Director

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“The global paid and organic search conversion uplift from the star ratings as well as the increased on page conversion from using Feefo has been fantastic. Far higher than we initially anticipated.”

Richard Singer – Managing Director

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“We have had great success with Feefo, right from the start. From a guest perspective, the software works exactly how we want it to, and the support team at Feefo are beyond excellent. Our previous guest feedback system (which we used for about 5 years) was achieving an 8% response rate. With Feefo we’re currently getting a response rate of 25%.”

Gareth Thomas – Co-Founder

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“When we started to see the Google star ratings appear on our PPC ads driven by the positive feedback from customers using Feefo to score On the Beach, we saw an increase in Click Through Rates of between 2% and 4%, this in turn improved our Quality Score and improved PPC ROI which in turn allows us to bid more aggressively. There is a direct correlation between good star ratings and an improved CTR on your ads, thank you Feefo!”

Alistair Daly – CEO

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“Feefo has been a great addition to our overall marketing strategy, not only informing customers of our great service levels and improving our Google Adwords conversion, but most importantly giving up to the minute insight into where we can improve. I guess the real truth is I don’t want to write this, but keep Feefo a secret. It’s been a great competitive advantage.”

Dominic Speakman – CEO

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“It’s quite simply one of the most powerful business tools I have come across in my time as MD at Voyage Prive.”

John Bevan – Managing Director

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“The Feefo system is simple to use and hugely effective, with the return on our investment easy to see, even in such a short time period. Our 92% Quality Score is a true testament to our continued commitment to improving the customer experience and together with Feefo we will be able to build on this further and faster in the future.”

Stuart Newman – Director of Customer Experience

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