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Feefo is making a positive difference to thousands of businesses. The results speak for themselves.


“Using Feefo has allowed us to monitor our customer service levels efficiently and effectively. Having a 97% Customer satisfaction rating, coupled with the stars appearing on Google organic and pay per click searches, means we have seen an improvement in the click through rate. Our sales team are able to direct customers to the feedback we have integrated into our web site. This helps reassure them that our offers and practices are genuine.”

Alan Needham – Operations Manager

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“Our use of Feefo to provide genuine customer feedback is an important part of maintaining our digital reputation.”

Rupert Garton – Commercial Director

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“People appreciate being asked about their experiences and they want to help future customers by leaving reviews. Honesty, trust and integrity are core tenets of our business, so why not encourage our customers to see that? Social proof is really important in a business like car sales.”

Tannice Pendegrass – Digital Marketing Manager

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“Our desire to get a totally independent view of our service levels led us to working with Feefo. Some may say it takes a brave company to put themselves ‘out there’ to be independently reviewed for all to see – but the ethos at Made Simple is one of continuous learning and transparency. We’d rather know about any problem areas so that we can address them. Getting started with Feefo was far simpler than we thought it was going to be.

Michelle Carvill – Marketing Director

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“I am delighted with the Feefo feedback as it mirrors what I hear on the floor. It also has meant that when we do get negative feedback we can trace the customer from their booking with its requests, to what table they sat on, who served them, what they purchased before we respond to them and speak with relevant people on the floor or in the kitchen who the feedback highlights.”

Triona Hennessy – Restaurant Owner

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“Fresh content is now being added to our website via our customers, which is fantastic, continuing to add to our overall SEO and content marketing strategy. Our Google stars are a great recognition of trust and reliability for us, increasing our PPC CTR.”

Leanda Massey – Digital Marketing

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“The satisfaction of our clients is paramount. Feefo has been a welcome addition to quickly and easily understand how our services are thought of. Alongside the ability to respond to feedback, it is an extremely valuable tool.”

Chris Worle – Group Director of Digital Marketing

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“Using Feefo reviews has paid dividends; not only have we seen an increase in our PPC click through rate, but visitors get to see genuine feedback from previous customers allowing them to make an informed decision on their holiday.”

James Morris – Managing Director

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“Partnering with Feefo has had a direct impact on customer confidence, and helped us to manage and improve the quality of our service by responding to, and acting on, the feedback we receive. Our Feefo ratings have also helped improve click-through from paid search, and improved our on-site conversion rate too.”

Jason Edwards – Managing Director

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“The global paid and organic search conversion uplift from the star ratings as well as the increased on page conversion from using Feefo has been fantastic. Far higher than we initially anticipated.”

Richard Singer – Managing Director

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“We have had great success with Feefo, right from the start. From a guest perspective, the software works exactly how we want it to, and the support team at Feefo are beyond excellent. Our previous guest feedback system (which we used for about 5 years) was achieving an 8% response rate. With Feefo we’re currently getting a response rate of 25%.”

Gareth Thomas – Co-Founder

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“When we started to see the Google star ratings appear on our PPC ads driven by the positive feedback from customers using Feefo to score On the Beach, we saw an increase in Click Through Rates of between 2% and 4%, this in turn improved our Quality Score and improved PPC ROI which in turn allows us to bid more aggressively. There is a direct correlation between good star ratings and an improved CTR on your ads, thank you Feefo!”

Alistair Daly – CEO

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“Feefo has been a great addition to our overall marketing strategy, not only informing customers of our great service levels and improving our Google Adwords conversion, but most importantly giving up to the minute insight into where we can improve. I guess the real truth is I don’t want to write this, but keep Feefo a secret. It’s been a great competitive advantage.”

Dominic Speakman – CEO

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“Feefo absolutely ticked all of these boxes for us, giving us the secure, honest review platform we were striving for ourselves. Customers trust Feefo and by association, they trust us too.”

Russell Davis – Managing Director

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“Since joining Feefo we have seen dramatic changes to our companies SEO and due to Feefo ratings our bounce rate has decreased.”

Connor Finnigan

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“After just one month we have already seen an increase in conversion rates on the Bamford Trading website from an average of 2.5% of visits to a current 4.98% (nearly 100% up) for January. Nothing else has changed on the site and so we have to put it down to the Feefo service and the additional confidence it has given our customers.”

John Hewitt – Owner

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“As the Craft Company operate through the Magento Ecommerce platform, integrating our reviews into the homepage couldn’t have been easier. We have regular appraisals of the data gathered… As a business we want to ensure that we’re offering the best journey possible for consumers, and Feefo is a big part of that.”

Glyn Dore – Managing Director

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“Using Feefo has allowed us to respond to poor product feedback and, in fact, actually turn the majority of them in to happy customers. Feefo has become a forum for us to demonstrate our good old-fashioned approach to Customer Service, it’s an opportunity to listen and to improve!”

Harry Mayman – Director

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“PPC efficiency has gone up since we’ve implemented Feefo because our Feefo feedback helps qualify new customers. We’ve seen higher click through and conversion rates for new visitors because we have established at the top of the funnel that we are a reputable website.”

Austin Caldwell – Marketing Director

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“MothPrevention.com is delighted with the Feefo product and service – we have experienced a 25% uplift in our conversion rate since launching the feedback service and it has also given us really useful customer feedback that has resulted in us making immediate changes to the website to improve customer service to yet another level. We now see Feefo as an integral part of our operations and will be deploying it into all new websites that are launching over the coming months.”

Adam Smith – Director

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“We see a higher conversion rate to sales when there is a Feefo recommendation next to a product. This is even more important on mobile devices where buyers rely more heavily on reviews. Negative feedback is very positive for us. Whether it relates to fulfilment, delivery or product.

It identifies carrier stats in different parts of the country and gives real feedback for the buying and merchandising teams. We can see product trends and listen to customer feedback instantly, which allows us to identify where issues are and resolve them equally fast.”

Neil Sansom – Director

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“As an ecommerce retailer it’s absolutely vital for Ergoflex to have a strong customer review presence online, giving prospective customers the peace of mind that’s often required before making a sight-unseen purchase. The trend of researching products online before buying is very well established now, and the value of other customers’ opinions is arguably the deciding factor in that process for many people. Feefo gives anyone researching a product instantly-recognisable results, delivering information in a quick and easy to understand way.”

Margaret Jack – Director

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“Feefo has become integral to the Charles Tyrwhitt journey and enables us to see what our customer sees and not just what our managers see!”

Nick Wheeler – Founder, Charles Tyrwhitt

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“Social proof is now such an important part of how consumers interact with brands. Feefo has been valuable to us in providing a platform for our customers to voice their opinions on whether we met their expectations.”

James Harding – Online Marketing Manager

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“We use Feefo every single day, it gives us an immediate and direct insight into how our products are performing and how our customers feel about customer service. We love it!”

Chris Rucker – Founder

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“It’s quite simply one of the most powerful business tools I have come across in my time as MD at Voyage Prive.”

John Bevan – Managing Director

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“The Feefo system is simple to use and hugely effective, with the return on our investment easy to see, even in such a short time period. Our 92% Quality Score is a true testament to our continued commitment to improving the customer experience and together with Feefo we will be able to build on this further and faster in the future.”

Stuart Newman – Director of Customer Experience

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“Feefo has been a great way of collecting feedback over the past few years, allowing our team to respond and communicate efficiently and effectively with our customers. Feefo allows us to monitor our performance as a company and ultimately, continue to improve.”

Jay Coleing – Customer Experience Leader

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