Feefo response to CMA report of reviews and ratings

19 June 2015


“At Feefo we very much support the CMA probe into the UK reviews and ratings market. Feefo played a part in contributing to the CMA report, as we have constantly championed for Review Platforms to be more accountable. As millions of consumers refer to reviews and ratings prior to making a purchase, it is absolutely crucial that they can be trusted and are genuine”, said Andrew Mabbutt, CEO Feefo.

“We have known about questionable tactics and practices from a large number of Review Platforms going on, but it has been difficult to fight that alone. We cannot welcome this report strongly enough and hope it’s the start of an auditing process that will ultimately lead to the accountability of those platforms that allow anyone to post a review, (or indeed allow “pay for a  review” activity to be posted) without true verification. This practice cannot go on and the Review Platform has to  be as guilty as the fraudulent writer of the review”. It can have disastrous consequences unfairly for a business.

“Not only is it unlawful for companies to post fake reviews, it is also detrimental to the consumers experience and their subsequent purchasing decision making.  Consumers need to be able to trust the reviews they see are written by a genuine purchaser and can be matched to a genuine order or booking or transaction. You will not find postings on the internet where you can pay to have some fake reviews written on Feefo – it simply cannot be done”, continued Mabbutt.

“Consumers and businesses should treat with scepticism review sites where anyone can post a review regardless of whether they have purchased or not.”

Feefo are pushing to go further than just the CMA recommendations, and have been appointed onto the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Committee for Online Reviews,  to help establish the first global set of standards and accreditations for in the Online Review space” said Andrew Mabbutt, CEO Feefo.

Live discussion: @Feefo_Official #FightingFakeReviews

Link: BBC Report on Fake Reviews

Competition and Markets Authority Statement on Trust in Online Reviews

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