Feefo raise a whopping £24,000 for Just a Drop!

14 August 2017

The midnight hikes, the sore arms, the endless blisters…it’s all been worth it, as we’re proud to announce we’ve finally reached our £12,000 fundraising goal for our charity partner, Just a Drop!

Water charity, Just a Drop, holds a special place in our hearts and over the past three years we’ve been putting our best efforts into raising money for such a fantastic cause. From climbing the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales, to sponsored head shaves and even a three-day road trip across Europe in a yellow taxi, we’ve done it all!

Best of all, our chairman Nick Wheeler has generously offered to double our efforts – that’s £24,000 for Just a Drop! If you’ve ever donated to one of our crazy fundraisers, we want to say thank you; we wouldn’t have reached this goal without you!

“It is great news that the team at Feefo have reached their target of £12,000 for Just a Drop,” Nick announced. “I am delighted to double it, as promised. Anything I can do to get Andy Mabbutt onto a bicycle is money very well spent!”

“Supporters like Feefo are incredibly important to Just a Drop – our work really wouldn’t be possible without such generous support, and we’re hugely grateful for all of Feefo’s efforts in raising the funds to build a sand dam for the Kyambenzi community in Makueni County, Kenya.” – Holly Blaxill, Communications Manager at Just a Drop

How is the money being spent?

Feefo will fund a sand dam close to Mbasya village in Makueni County, Kenya, which will transform the lives of 2,860 people. Currently, 57% of the people living in the area where the dam will be built do not have access to clean drinking water. The sand dam will capture and filter rain water, making it safe to drink. Locals will then be able to use a hand pump to access this vital resource.

“With access to clean water, the health of the whole community will improve, and children will be able to spend more time in school getting an education,” Holly explained. “Community hygiene and sanitation training provided as part of the project will enable people to better protect themselves from potential illness.”

Feefo fundraising timeline

To celebrate our achievement, we thought we’d remind ourselves of some of the amazing things we’ve done (or should we say put ourselves through!) to raise money for Just a Drop.

May 2014 – Feefo Walks

Funds raised: £1,423
Feefo walks Just a Drop
Our first event for Just a Drop was ‘Feefo Walks’, where a team us (some with jerry cans) walked 6km – the same distance children as young as six are forced to walk to gather water in developing countries. The jerry cans weighed 20 kilos, as much as a fully packed suitcase! It was hard work, but pales in comparison to what others must face every day.

September 2014 – Feefo Cycles

Funds raised: £982.35
Feefo cycles Just a Drop
Split into four teams to make things extra competitive, Feefo staff cycled a total of 2,400 miles – equivalent to cycling from Petersfield to Niger! Some chose to cycle around work or where they lived, while others sweated it out on cycle machines.

July 2015 – Feefo’s Three Peaks Challenge

Funds raised: £4,630.24
Feefo Three Peaks Challenge Just a Drop
In just 24 hours a team of 16 conquered the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales: Ben Nevis (1,244 metres), Scafell Pike (978 metres) and Snowdon (1,085 metres). Naturally, we had a Champagne celebration upon reaching the top of the third and final peak!

October 2015 – The Great South Run

Funds raised: £520
feefo Great South Run Just a Drop
Three members of the Feefo team took on the Great South Run – a ten-mile journey through Old Portsmouth, the Historic Dockyard, Winston Churchill Avenue and Southsea Common. What a perfect day it was for it, too!

October 2015 & 2016 – Frightening Feefo Fridays

Funds raised: £140.70
Feefo Halloween costumes Just a Drop
The last two Halloweens we’ve donned our devil horns, dusted off our creepiest masks and painted ourselves with fake blood all in the name of charity! There’s a prize for the best costume and anyone who doesn’t dress up must donate £5 to Just a Drop.

June 2016 – Feefo’s Race to the King

Funds raised: £2,506.81
Feefo Race to the King Just a Drop
A brave team of 11 trained hard for this epic double marathon, which took them from Arundel, across the South Downs, to Winchester Cathedral. The views were beautiful, but the blisters, not so much!

July 2017 – Travel Trade Crusade

Funds raised: £1,954.80
Feefo taxi This year our co-owners recently took part in Travel Trade Crusade, a three-day journey across western Europe. Every team drives their ridiculous vehicles through unsuspecting quiet Europeans towns whilst wearing silly costumes. It’s great fun, with a serious cause at the heart of it.

What’s next?

Just because we’ve reached our goal doesn’t mean we’re stopping there! We’re going to continue the crazy events and tough challenges and raise even more money for Just a Drop. Here are the next two fundraisers we have planned:

Feefo 24hr relay

For 24 hours straight, every present and able Feefo staff member will be taking part in a relay where instead of batons, we’ll be carrying jerry cans full of water. The graveyard shift will be particularly tough, with some staff sleeping over in the office to ensure the relay continues throughout the night!

Tough Mudder

The Feefo team will take on mud, ice and electric shocks in this intense ten-mile endurance event. With 20 obstacles to conquer, it’s fair to say this challenge isn’t for the faint-hearted! We’re still putting our team together at the moment, so we’ll share some more details soon.

We also asked Just a Drop what they’d like the Feefo team to do next.

“The sky’s the limit really in terms of how imaginative and adventurous you want to be; perhaps a sponsored sky dive or a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro could be next?” suggested Holly. “We’d love for Feefo to continue with their challenges; we’re really impressed by the team’s commitment and fundraising efforts in aid of Just a Drop which have brought thousands of people clean, safe water – literally transforming lives.”

Thank you to everyone who’s supported our fundraising efforts over the years; it really does mean the world to us and Just a Drop! If you have any other suggestions for challenges the team could take on next, please let us know below!

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