Feefo nominated at the BTAs: We Need Your Votes

7 July 2017

Calling all Feefo Fans! The general election may be over, but we need you to get voting again!


The British Travel Awards are one of the biggest events in the travel calendar, recognising the companies that have been voted by consumers as the leaders in their industry. Once again, we’re excited to be nominated for ‘Best Ratings/Reviews Website’. In recent years, we’ve received both bronze and silver, but this year, we’re going for gold!

We can’t win without your support, so we’re asking for your vote to help with our ongoing commitment of being the review provider that the travel industry can trust.

Before you hit the voting button, here are three reasons why Feefo deserves to win:

1. We only collect genuine reviewsbooking image centre

When it comes to reserving a hotel room, booking a flight or buying a holiday excursion, 93% of global travellers use reviews to finalise their decision1. With Feefo’s invite-only platform, travellers can be sure that the reviews they are reading are the ‘real deal’ – increasing their confidence in your business.


reporting suite2. We make it easier to speak to customers

70% of travellers say review responses influence their purchasing decision2 and with our up-to-the-second reporting suite it couldn’t be easier to thank customers for their feedback, or resolve any issues.

3. We help bring reviews to life

photo and video reviews

A staggering 65% of customers are more likely to engage with multimedia content compared to text alone3. That’s why all customers who are invited to leave feedback through Feefo have the option to upload video and photo reviews – helping to bring their travel experience with your brand to life.



If those reasons weren’t enough to get voting, the BTAs are offering all voters the chance to win some incredible travel prizes- we’re talking luxury hotel stays, cruises and holidays!

Vote for Feefo

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