Feefo establish revolutionary new ways of collecting customer feedback

1 April 2016

The UK’s number one ratings and reviews platform unveils a variety of industry first techniques.

Not content with traditional methods of soliciting feedback, (such as antiquated e-mail), Feefo are the first reviews platform to introduce some exciting (and unique) ways of gathering feedback.

Feefo CEO, Andrew Mabbutt announced, “Feefo are at the forefront of both technical and innovative developments in the review sector and we are super excited about our forthcoming plans to revolutionise the way we solicit feedback. By using a variety of interesting and engaging methods of requesting feedback from customers, we will be strengthening our existing position within the market as a world-leader of ratings and reviews software AND providing outstanding customer service.”

Without further ado, here’s what Feefo have planned:

Feefo Drone

Feefo_Drone-400x300After you’ve made your purchase, we’ll deploy a Feefo drone to a preferred address. Upon arrival you’ll hear an automated voice call out “your Feefo feedback request is here”. Simply complete your feedback form, pop it back into the Feefo drone and press the ‘return’ button. Once the drone arrives back safely at Feefo HQ, we’ll add your feedback to the Feefo system.The use of drones is quickly becoming common practice for both leisure and business pursuits. With the likes of Amazon using drones to deliver parcels, Feefo understands that this latest technological development can bring a series of benefits to them, merchants and their customers. Cost effective, efficient and down-right awesome – Feefo Drones will deliver feedback request direct to your house or place of work.

Feefo Driverless Cars

Simply make your purchase with a Feefo merchant and we will release a Feefo driverless car to a preferred address. Our cars Feefo_Car-400x300are set to beep their horns once they have arrived at your address; simply enter the vehicle where you’ll see a feedback form ready to be completed. Once you have written your feedback, set the navigation back to Feefo HQ.    
With the likes of tech giant Google paving the way for a future of driverless cars, it makes perfect sense for Feefo to get in on the act. Developed to run on low emission ‘Ape-Rill’ fuel, our Feefo cars are fully automated and boast a number of benefits: increased spare time, improved safety, reduced emissions and increased access for everyone. It also means that more feedback requests can be delivered to more customers securely and safely.

Feefo Pigeon

Feefo_Pigeon-400x300After you have made a purchase with a Feefo merchant, we will tuck feedback requests into capsules located on a pigeon’s legs and set them on their way to your preferred location. When they arrive you’ll hear our well-trained pigeons call out “Fee-foo Fee-foo”. Simply remove the request from their capsule, complete your feedback, and tuck the request back into the pigeon’s capsule. Your intrepid avian deliverer will take care of the rest.
To enhance the future, we must learn from the past. Many argue that carrier pigeons are still the most reliable form of transmitting important messages. With their innate homing ability, carrier pigeons are a perfect accompaniment to the Feefo feedback team. What started out as an early form of a communication network in 5th Century BC, pigeons quickly became a reliable way for people and groups to communicate over long distances. Additionally, the location of Feefo HQ, a farm within the Hampshire South Downs, is the perfect place to breed and rear sought-after pedigree pigeons. We can now reveal that Feefo has hundreds of thousands homing pigeons ready to be deployed to addresses all over the world.

Feefo Celebrity Postmen

Feefo_Postman-400x300Feefo HQ’s famous farm location makes storage of celebrities easy and quick to deploy. Our famous Feefo ambassadors are stored in farm sheds, and upon a purchase from one of our merchants, jog on over to your preferred location. Once they arrive, a friendly Feefo knock at your door announces their arrival. Whilst you’re completing your feedback, they will entertain you with quips, quotes and anecdotes from their above-average career. Once you’re ready, hand over your feedback and send your celeb on their merry way back to Feefo HQ.
The final initiative sees a variety of well-known (and not so well-known) celebrities from around the world personally deliver you a Feefo feedback request. Famous Feefo ambassadors from television, film, music, sport and reality TV will be on stand-by, from A list to Z list as well as lookalikes for when we’re really busy. The feedback giant has gone to extra lengths to ensure the customer service they deliver on behalf of the merchant is second-to-none. Celebrities will be dressed in the Feefo postman uniform which has been designed by leading clothes manufacturer, Stitch-You-Up.

What do you think of the latest development from Feefo? Would you like to leave your feedback on a product or service that you have purchased this way? Let us know in the comments below or contact us at marketing@feefo.com.

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