Customer service in the age of infobesity – are you losing business?

8 May 2014

Infobesitythe difficulties caused by an overabundance of information


It is increasingly accepted that the majority of us now live in a constant state of information overload. The sheer amount of stimuli that we are constantly bombarded with means that each individual signal loses significance until it all just becomes background static.

It is unsurprising that the concept of a ‘Digital Detox’ is being marketed, particularly when you consider the amount of data now being published.


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What’s more, our relentless desire for faster broadband speeds, improved mobile networking and insatiable data appetites, all point to this trend not reversing any time soon. As fast as we are acclimatising to new streams of information, even newer ones are emerging.

From cloud computing, to the growth of streaming and the ever-increasing list of in-vogue social networks, we increasingly demand access to all information, all of the time.

How brands can engage in meaningful conversations, ensure that their messages are actually heard amongst the noise and monitor relevant conversations is a growing dilemma. It can be exhausting for businesses to not only try and inhabit the same spaces as consumers, but to also deliver (and display) excellent customer service in the culture of ‘always on’.

Competition for attention

We previously explored how consumer disruption is having a dramatic effect on the traditional purchase process. With constant distractions resulting in a disjointed customer journey.

Social Media monitoring, networking and marketing is accepted as a crucial customer touch point for online visibility and lead-generation, but how suitable is it as a primary method of measuring, demonstrating and delivering customer service online?

What are brands competing with in this space? Social ‘feeds’ indulge the desire for instant gratification by constantly replacing the old with the new, with even ‘trending’ topics quickly consumed and forgotten. Even with the best inbound marketing strategy in place, brands are competing with breaking news, friends’ updates, sports, viral videos, entertainment and funny pictures of cats.

With the best will in the world, even the most fantastic customer review will likely not be seen in the numbers that you would want on social media, simply because of user intent and expectation. People are not likely to be actively searching for customer feedback, and the message about how great your service is may well get lost in the crowd.

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Finding Relevant Spaces for Customer Feedback

Does this mean that customer feedback and social media are incompatible?

No! Far from it.

Ratings and reviews can still provide a compelling inbound call to action for consumers already familiar with your brand, helping to grow or maintain brand loyalty…


Charles-Tyrwhitt-facebook-361x400 (1)

Reviews should certainly play a role in your content marketing strategy, but for maximum impact, they should also be positioned strategically. The shift towards ‘semantic’ search points towards the need to ensure that exactly the right content is available as soon as someone is looking for it. Like a bolt from the blue, as soon a consumer displays purchase intent, you need to be able to provide reassuring content.

If you can demonstrate your excellent customer service and products across search results:

monarch reviews

Your homepage:

insurance octopus homepage

And directly on product or booking pages:

Expedia Feefo

phase 8 product page feefo

You not only expand your reach exponentially, but also provide relevant, dynamic content as your competition for attention progressively lessens, and as the purchase intent of potential customers grows.

Online reviews are both persuasive, and trusted. If you are not displaying them in the right places however, you run the risk of this powerful communication tool simply being lost in the sea of ‘infobese’ digital messages.

To learn more about how Feefo customer feedback can help your business, please contact us.

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