Customer feedback helps your personalisation strategy

31 December 2014

Personalisation has been banded around in the marketing world for a few years now, but it is said that 2015 REALLY is the year for it!

This comes at a time when consumers buy what they want, when they want, from wherever they want and wherever is most convenient. Retaining customers is no easy task – they have become fickle, unloyal and driven by selfish desire. Personalisation is set to be the antidote.

With eight out of ten UK shoppers buying online, and this number increasing with the rise in use of mobile devices in every day life, it’s no surprise consumers want products and services offered to be specific to them. Millenials are a consumer group who are used to having adverts specifically targeted to them based on their browsing history, their social ‘likes’ and friends’ behaviour – and this has now transcended into retail. Intelligently using customer insight, you can work in a similar way providing all customers a more tailored and personal product selection and service.

Personalisation-400x200Utilising Customer Feedback is a great way to personalise your offering. The ratings and reviews customers leave show specific likes and dislikes for an individual, this can then be compared to other similar customers (based on key demographic data – age, location, gender, etc). Customer profiling can help you to really know your customers. With this additional information changes can be made to help each customer feel like their needs are being individually met and your offering is specific to them.

What’s more, by responding to customer feedback you are demonstrating a personalised service. Customers expect to be listened to and have their feedback taken on board (but that’s getting into the realms of co-creation, the subject for another blog post!).

Our friends at Amadeus, a supplier of online technology to the travel industry, has whole heartedly taken personalisation on board. In fact it’s at the very centre of what they do. Their technology service allows consumers to choose every element of their holiday, from the flights to train tickets, to hotel room and to activities.


Using the Feefo customer feedback service, you can increase your customer understanding and start to personalise your product and service. Through closely engaging with them, you will get to know your customer, allowing you to deliver exactly what they want time and time again, combating the potential for disloyal behaviour.

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