Reserve Apartments

Reserve Apartments is an Edinburgh-based company that provides a virtual showroom and booking service to connect those looking for a short term let, and those property owners with availability.

Straddling the line between the corporate lettings and the travel industry in the age of the ‘Staycation’, Reserve Apartments is an excellent example of adapting to meet emerging consumer demand. Whether it is business or pleasure, consumers have demonstrated a desire for a flexible choice of homely properties that offer more space and independence than a hotel room, in central locations and at competitive prices.

Reserve Apartments adopted Feefo to replace the previous feedback system; the company understood the value of achieving genuine responses from their customers, but was not satisfied with the service received. Quickly, Reserve Apartments was able to benefit from successful use of Feefo. The 98% Feefo service rating that Reserve Apartments has achieved across more than 700 reviews, is a testament to the fact they are satisfying this demand without overcomplicating the process.

An important factor in consistently delivering great customer service is listening to every consumer’s opinion, and this a significant benefit of Feefo. Co-founder of the company, Gareth Thomas discussed the multifaceted value that Feefo has provided to the company, explaining that: “We have had great success with Feefo, right from the start. From a guest perspective, the software works exactly how we want it to, and the support team at Feefo are beyond excellent. “Our previous guest feedback system (which we used for about 5 years) was achieving an 8% response rate. With Feefo we’re currently getting response rate of 25%. We have almost as many reviews now via Feefo [since March 2013] as we had in our old system. The massive improvement in response rate has allowed us to build up a great collection of reviews very quickly.

“One hidden benefit we’ve experienced is the improved relationship between us and our property owner/manager clients. They really appreciate the feedback they now receive, and they enjoy being able to make (often quite simple) changes to the properties to improve the experience for future guests.” With the dramatically increased levels of feedback experienced through their use of Feefo, Reserve Apartments has gained a far wider pool of data from which to draw business intelligence on their individual properties and their business process.

Any particular likes and dislikes (of either their service or the properties that they feature) can be identified at an early stage and either rectified or embellished to ensure that the consumer experience of the brand is as seamless as possible. This in turn leads to a better service and better feedback, creating a cyclical pattern of increasingly good feedback.

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