Employment Law and Health and Safety are an ever changing minefield for businesses of all sizes. Peninsula Business Services caters for a wide range of clients from the small business owner to large corporate companies.

Peninsula offers a helping hand to guide clients through the potential pitfalls they could face. Alan Price, Group Employment Services Director at Peninsula explained “As the UK’s largest provider of business services the clients’ satisfaction is paramount, any concerns we can resolve, potentially improves our already award winning service for thousands more clients. It is therefore essential for our progression and growth that we have a genuine and honest reflection from our clients of how satisfied they are with the services and products we offer. With this in mind we approached Feefo”.

Feefo shares the same core values with Peninsula in providing transparency and honesty in all client feedback. Price added: “The fact that our Feefo page is viewable online and in the public domain for current and potential new clients to see, is a show of the confidence we have in our employees who provide up to date advice to over 29,000 clients in the UK and Ireland”.

Peninsula responds to each review they receive within 24 hours, and for those reviews where a client has rated them negatively, contact becomes a priority. Peninsula’s reporting process was explained to us, “The client is contacted by a manager of which service/product they have reviewed. We then work with the client to resolve their concerns to a satisfactory conclusion within five working days. Due to a client having the potential ability to update or modify their original rating this process is vital for client satisfaction, a core value here at Peninsula”.

Customer feedback is now a core part of the organisations strategy: “We currently have 2600 feedbacks and we are proud of the 93% Service Rating and 94% Product Rating we currently have, however we still recognise there is room for improvement. We have set ourselves the KPI of 95% for both Service and Product Ratings. Once achieved we then need to remain consistent with the service we provide to our clients and maintain the Trusted Merchant title that comes with these high levels of client satisfaction”.

“Our Feefo page and the great reputation we have gained from our ratings have not only helped to improve the service and products we provide on a daily basis to our client base, but in-house our Business Development Managers are actively using examples direct from Feefo to close deals and boost our sales by allowing potential new clients to see through the window into our ever increasing customer reference library we are building on Feefo”.

Peninsula proudly showcases all their feedback responses both publicly on their website and internally on their intranet, “Inside Peninsula”. Alan Price said that “Providing live up to date information to the 1000 employees we have provides an essential and instant reference point to our ever growing client base.”

Alan Price commented on how customer reviews also feed into their social strategy; “by partnering with Feefo our digital reputation has dramatically increased not only through organic SEO and the fact that Service Ratings are transformed into Seller Ratings on Google, but also the ability to Tweet examples of feedback responses to our ever growing social media followers”.

Price finished by adding “We look forward to 2015 with open arms knowing that by using Feefo’s Ratings and Review platform we can continue to gain valuable client feedback and increase our client satisfaction on a daily basis.”

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