On the Beach


Founded in 2004, On the Beach specialises in short and medium haul holidays to Europe. Their mission is to make it easy for people to find, book and enjoy their perfect beach holiday. To tackle the rising issue of fake reviews, and to help more people find their services, they implemented Feefo in 2011.

Eliminate Fake Reviews

On the Beach needed to ensure that the reviews they were receiving were authentic. Using Feefo, On the Beach were able to send a personalised invitation to genuine customers, ruling out
the possibility for fakes and increasing the amount of feedback they received.

• Over 150,000 purchase-verified reviews collected to date
• Zero fake feedback
• A 4 ½ star rating, authenticated by Feefo
• Feefo Trusted Merchant accreditation

Increase Visibility on Google

OTB_CS2It was critical that On the Beach helped more people discover their services. Taking advantage of the Licensed Content Partnership that Feefo have with Google, they were able improve their visibility in search results. By adding Seller Ratings – powered by their Feefo feedback to their AdWords campaigns, they increased their conversion rate, and decreased their advertising spend.

• Google stars in paid and organic search results
• Improved Click Through Rate (CTR) of up to 4%
• Decreased Cost Per Click (CPC)

Business Insights

An added benefit of collecting reviews through Feefo was utilising their powerful insight tools. By tracking trends and analysing feedback, On the Beach were able to make confident changes in response to the genuine data they could extract from reviews.

Customer Engagement

Priding themselves on their customer interaction and engagement capabilities, On the Beach’s customer advisor team is on-hand to respond to complaints and queries. They are notified to specific feedback, by using the Feefo platform, and are able to quickly respond personally and publically, demonstrating outstanding customer service.



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