Matrix Nutrition

Matrix Nutrition, an online retailer of nutrition and protein products, joined Feefo in 2008. Matrix could see the benefits for their e-commerce platform in terms of customer insights; learning what customers liked and disliked about products as well as providing potential customers with a place to read real product reviews to help in their decision making.

Prior to using Feefo, Matrix Nutrition had no sort of review system in place so there was no way to look at how people were responding to products apart from sales figures. Dan Gee, the Social Media Executive at Matrix, said “With Feefo we can see exactly how people are responding to products in different ways, and use this information to improve”.

Matrix uses the genuine customer feedback gained through Feefo to make product improvements and learn which specific elements of products are important to customers. Gee says “Taste, effectiveness and value are all different aspects that customers find important, so it’s important we get it as perfect as possible. Feefo allows us to look at each of these aspects separately, and as one, so if a product is scoring well on taste, we can use that as an indicator to improve other lines”.

On reviewing the benefits of customer reviews, Gee stated “What makes these reviews even better is that we know they are all genuine. For customers this is especially beneficial as there can never be any foul play on our part. By showing genuine reviews, we also show the bad. We feel that by dealing with these properly and swiftly, it is easy to demonstrate that we look after our customers, who can then get a better insight into what products are perfect for them”.

Matrix also feels that the review system is easy for both consumers and customer service personnel to use, which makes it easier for their brands to get the feedback they desperately crave.“Around 90% of Matrix’s orders are online, and around a third of these customers then go on to leave a review.

This means we get a lot of feedback with which we can improve our products and service.” “Thanks to Feefo we have been able to improve our Service Rating to levels as high as 97% – with such subjective products such as sports supplements, this is no mean feat. Feefo was easy to integrate into our loyalty system and onto our site and it also has a handy Facebook plug in so people can see our reviews directly from our Facebook page. Feefo is genuine, easy to use and highly effective”.

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