Founded in 2007, Heels.com have provided an interesting case study of expanding an exciting idea into a successful reality. It can be particularly difficult for a brand to differentiate itself in the crowded retail space, so gaining insight into the philosophies and values of a successful business can be of considerable interest.

Heels.com emphasizes the maintenance and continuing efforts to improve their customer experience as their driving goal. This typically manifests itself in terms of going ‘the extra mile’. Whether this is trying on shoes on behalf of customers to give fitting advice, providing style tips or generally sharing their interest and love of shoes.

“The primary business objective was to drive third party customer service and product reviews that would rank in organic search results and be incorporated into our paid search ads. We already knew that we had excellent customer service metrics, we just needed to prove it to new customers. Prominently displaying our positive feedback scores reinforced our brand’s credibility; which increased paid search click through rates.”

“Customer suggestions about site improvements are taken up the ladder to marketing and IT; which leads to better site usability for future customers. Some customers are devout shoe brand aficionados (some girls only wear Frye boots) and others couldn’t care less, so it’s great to see how they respond to new brand introductions.”

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