Luxury Lifestyle Emporium and Quirky Online Gift Shop, joined Feefo in March 2014 and has quickly become a highly rated organisation on the ratings and reviews platform.

Cuckooland. com is “a Magical World of Stylishly Quirky Homeware and Unique & Unusual Gift Ideas”. True to their originality and quirkiness, the vast majority of products represent “Cuckoo” (Unique, Unusual, Quirky, Original) versions of popular products & themes. Creating imagery and a brand ethos of fun eccentricity, the uniquely positioned retailer claims that products are sourced from a world on the other side of the rainbow (Cuckooland), a place of intrigue that offers a unique upmarket shopping experience with a fun gooey centre.

As a result of this approach, the website showcases an original collection of unique furniture & homeware, niche gifts and all things wow, weird and wonderful – the kind of products and surprises customers love! To finish this magical, brightly coloured picture, Cuckooland’s products are discovered by eccentric zebra centaur Zebarella and her team of buyers from the world’s freshest, brightest new designers & manufacturers.

On each product page Cuckooland displays the brand, the designer, the country of source and why these products are so special; this showcases original quality products that consumers may otherwise never find.

On the use of Feefo as the ratings and reviews platform, Russell Davis, Managing Director of Cuckooland, said: “Zebarella heard that ‘Feefo’ was a kind, quirky, fun loving goblin, so she made the call! [Feefo says: this is in reference to the Enid Blyton character of the same name and not any member of the Feefo team], “Apart from this, Customer reviews are absolutely essential for Cuckooland, we had even designed and implemented our own review system (when we started back in 2012), it had been time consuming and quite costly to develop. Sadly we were not receiving a very high percentage of reviews compared to orders.

We realised it was because of three reasons:

1. It was coming directly from customers were more reluctant to review Cuckooland because they saw our gift (free points) as a ‘nudge’ to extract a positive review- even though we had, hand on large fabulous bottom, explained that every review would be published and points awarded regardless of the review being positive or negative.

2. We struggled to get our message understood in the review auto emailer.

3. The design and layout of the auto emailer was not appealing enough. “It became very clear that we were not a review site and we did not have the resources, skills and knowledge to become one, our core business was and always will be to deliver great products with immaculate customer service – us asking for our own reviews felt contrived and it jarred with our core values, especially our ‘pay it forward, deliver wow’ (without asking for favours) philosophy.”

As a quirky retailer with a focus on the weird, Cuckooland needed to demonstrate that through this original, off the wall approach was a team that took customer service very seriously. Zebarella needed to demonstrate that her choice in products was not whimsical but based on quality with satisfaction in mind. “Cuckooland is owner managed and Ethos driven which means we value customer service above everything else, even cute furry animals! We are neither expensive nor cheap, because that’s not important to us – our focus is on sourcing original products of the highest quality so we can offer our customers a uniquely fun and different “Living & Giving” experience.

The decision to pass the review collection process over to Feefo (not the goblin but the award-winning Software–as-a-Service), was easy and very quickly Feefo has become a valuable asset to Cuckooland. Davis says: “Feefo absolutely ticked all of these boxes for us, giving us the secure, honest review platform we were striving for ourselves. Customers trust Feefo and by association, they trust us too. When we were asking for reviews ourselves, we received a disappointing 90 reviews in a year, once signed up to Feefo we received over 350 reviews in just a few months. With this vastly improved ratio of reviews to orders, Feefo is helping us to achieve our completely cuckoo customer service KPIs- one of them being a 97% quality score.

But what’s even more important than our 97% quality score, is the direct communication we receive from customers which allows each member of our team to personally evaluate, respond and improve so they can continue to deliver Cuckooland’s unique brand of wow and happiness!

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