Alternative Aquitaine

Alternative Aquitaine, an online travel agent for holiday rental properties in the south of France joined Feefo in January 2014 after successfully running their own in-house customer survey for many years.

Their own feedback approach had proved popular with customers, and Alternative Aquitaine staff were delighted with the results and feedback received. The feedback was made available on their website as the business understood the importance of reviews in helping potential customers make decisions before booking. Justin Ashby, from Alternative Aquitaine, explained the introduction of Feefo and independent reviews, “We were aware of the growing need for potential customers to see what they considered to be independent reviews managed by a third party rather than our own brand. This is a very significant trend in consumer behaviour and one that is especially resonant in the travel industry.”

“At the same time, we were very keen to make these excellent reviews more publically available, rather than restricting their publication to our own website. So, the move for us was really a response to changing customer requirements and expectations.”

Alternative Aquitaine could see other benefits of Feefo reviews such as SEO improvement, also a requirement was the need to introduce Google Seller Ratings to their AdWords Pay Per Click campaigns. Once Ashby had decided an independent review platform was needed he said “Our next step was to select a reviews platform and we felt that Feefo offered the best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) solution and it was a name that is recognised in our industry.

The ability to separate service and product reviews was appealing for us, and the ability to ask two different product questions to cover both the actual property where the customer stayed, and also the holiday destination.” Alternative Aquitaine has recently used Feefo generated customer feedback to identify the most popular properties and destinations.

This information has allowed them to promote the ‘top’ scoring places and showcase them via a blog article and a customer newsletter. Ashby said “this proved to be one of the most popular postings we’ve done and we really value the service offered by Feefo in generating this.”

What’s more all the properties and destinations featured in the ‘Feefo top rated’ showcase received booking as a direct result. Ashby explained that “In our most recent newsletter, 3 of the top 4 links clicked were ‘Feefo Award Winner’ links. To put it into context there were 19 possible links in the email, but ‘Feefo Award Winners’ accounted for 58% of all clicks. Also the webpage featuring the award winning destination – Hossegor – recorded an astonishing 1236% increase in sessions vs. the previous day”.

This shows an interesting, progressive and somewhat clever use of customer feedback by Alternative Aquitaine. The ‘top rated’ award was created based on customer feedback and has helped to increase sales for Alternative Aquitaine. Similar concepts could be carried out in many markets to increase awareness to products. Well done to Alternative Aquitaine!

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