Best of the Best

Best of the Best was founded in 1999 as a way of offering motor-enthusiasts a genuine chance at winning their dream car.

The associated costs of buying and maintaining such a vehicle have meant that for many people, the most luxurious cars remain a pipedream. Thanks to Best of the Best, over two hundred and fifty people have now realised their dreams of owning the type of car that they never thought possible. As a Feefo merchant since early 2012, they have realised many benefits since implementing Feefo to their website.

Best of the Best had identified that the issue of credibility to those unfamiliar with the brand was among the biggest obstacles to a sale. They were therefore looking for a way to gather verified consumer feedback, and to be able to display it as prominently as possible in order to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the competition. It was during this time, that by coincidence, after making a personal purchase online, a member of Best of the Best management was invited to leave feedback with Feefo for both the service they had received and the product they had purchased.

They immediately equated how this could relate to their own business. After being reassured by the household names already making use of the platform, they were quickly up and running with Feefo. Rupert Garton, Commercial Director of Best of the Best summarised the benefits of Feefo specific to their business, stating that ”Due to the high value associated with super-cars, many people need to be convinced that our competitions are as good as they initially sound. For this reason, the credibility and transparency of our business to both regular and potential customers is crucial.

Implementing Feefo has aided us not only in this regard, but has also provided us with a greater appreciation of the consumer journey. “While we have achieved a fantastic 94% service rating across thousands of reviews, Feefo allows us to redress the rare occasions that we do receive negative feedback. We take pride in how consumers interact with our brand, and trust is among our core values. Particularly in light of our recent efforts to expand the reach and appeal of Best of the Best, our use of Feefo to provide genuine customer feedback is an important part of maintaining our digital reputation.”

Best of the Best publicizes their competition winners via YouTube, their website and the traditional press to prove that people really do win the dream prizes on offer. Their use of Feefo however, provides publicly accessible feedback from the full spectrum of paying customers. This benefits consumers by reassuring them that the competitions really are as good as they sound, and the business by eliminating a key barrier to a sale.

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