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Latest Feefo Feedback

2 mins ago


Flight Booking

It is so easy to use Travelocity! It is the second time I am able to find a nice and cheap travel with travelocity.

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2 mins ago US

I love your website! Its easy and fast to use. I always get the best price.Never any trouble when checking in. I never worry about my bookings once I get my confirmation number.I wish everything was this easy!

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3 mins ago


PO Australia - Papua New Guinea

I had another phone call about expiring vouchers and was encouraged to pay to extend 3 expiring vouchers and use 1 before next day when it was due to be voided to reduce cost???. Mum is in Palliative Care and I haven't focused on holidays for a while. Your Rep' suggested PNG, as I thought I should depart from home state. So the booking was made for twin share. Subsequently, none of my friends wish to travel in TOO HOT February and I do not want to pay single supplement nor travel on my own or with an unknown person. My first email to question about a "cooling off " clause and.... if I can't cancel ... changing the destination to NZ was sent within 5 days of booking, but to date I have received no response. Several more emails have been sent and still no answer. ( However, I have had a good response to my request for 2017 Kimberley Holiday experience.) Focus seems not on customer service, just BOOKINGS.

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4 mins ago

Online Carpets

Atlas 8089 Elegance Vinyl Flooring

Order not delivered on time. Phoned online carpets to report non delivery. Online carpets staff member very unhelpful and rude. I was told it was not their problem

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