The Feefo eCommerce Plugin

Connect our award-winning feedback platform into your business and collect genuine purchase-verified reviews you can trust.


With the free plug-in version of Feefo’s award-winning system, you’ll benefit from increased traffic, sales and insights. We only use real product reviews from your real customers, 100% verified and sent directly to Google. Shopify reviews increase visibility and the volume of traffic to your website.

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The Magento plugin allows you to seamlessly incorporate Feefo into your Magento platform without the need for developers and technical support. Quick, easy and free – the plugin can be installed in minutes.

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Woo Commerce

Gather trusted ratings and reviews from your customers on your eCommerce WordPress site. Within a few clicks, you’ll be inviting genuine customers to leave reviews, improving online traffic and gaining genuine business insight.

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Big Commerce

Your business, using the Big Commerce platform, can now benefit from the power of genuine customer reviews. Installed in minutes, the Feefo eCommerce Plugin gets to work, seamlessly integrating into your site, and improving your traffic, sales and business insights.

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